Proudly Serving the HVAC/R Industry in
Northern and Central Ohio &
Western Pennsylvania

At Refrigeration Sales Corp., we proudly supply our partners and customers with the equipment, knowledge, and resources they need to create world-class indoor comfort and install the highest quality environmental control systems available. For nearly 80 years, RSC associates have adhered to our core values of Service Speed, Expertise and Relationships.

RSC is a WholeServer, and the premier HVAC/R distributor in Northern and Central Ohio and Western Pennsylvania. Because of our relentless service to customers, we are the partner of choice for dealers and technicians in all parts of the climate control ecosphere. How can RSC serve you?


Committed to Relentlessly Serving Customers

We’ve built our reputation on Service Speed, Expertise and Relationships. We offer our partners top-quality equipment and parts & supplies, world-class training, an award-winning technical team, and relentless customer service to provide you with the best experience possible.

Service Speed




Relentlessly Serving Customers

Refrigeration Sales Corporation Defines “RELENTLESS” in very simple and straightforward terms:
RELENTLESS: (adj) [ ri-lent-lis ]
      Disciplined in Approach & Action, Never-Ceasing, Determined to Achieve, Be Sincere.

Relentlessly Serving Customers
  • Ownership: We own the customer interaction, follow-up and stay involved and proactively seek resolution.
  • Sense of Urgency: We make meeting the customer expectation a priority, actively engage our fellow associates, and escalate issues when necessary.
  • Passion: We care about what we are doing and we care about the customer that depends on us.
We will let no customer problem go undetected or unresolved. Each of us will take ownership for our actions and created customer responsiveness unequaled by our competition. We believe that it is not the customer's responsibility to notify us of problems, but rather our responsibility to anticipate them. We will correct problem issues before they become an impediment to our customer's success.

RSC Employees are PROUD employees.  

U – demonstrate URGENCY

We are proud of the company we keep.
We are proud of the work we do.
We are proud to relentlessly serve our customers.

To Serve Our Customers
Serve Our Customers by Any Means Necessary

Our Mission & Guiding Principles 
Mission Statement: It is our mission to proudly create world-class comfort, dependability, and efficiency by WholeServing the highest quality environmental control systems and services.
WholeServer’s Guiding Principles 
Owner’s Advocate: Every new job that results in a more comfortable, more dependable, or more efficient environmental system is a reason to be proud. To create these opportunities, we are committed to being the owner’s advocate. We understand that it is the owner’s hard-earned dollar that will ultimately determine the nature of our future success.
Market Dominance: We believe that focusing our resources on target market segments is the key to earning customer loyalty. We will continuously identify and define target customer groups and their requirements, and then earn customer loyalty.
Employee Empowered Performance: Improvement is not possible without the ability for each of us to make, recognize, and learn from mistakes. We believe in stretch goals, thriftiness in all actions, and being accountable for our success. We will strive to be the most respected and admired employer in each of our locations, known for our competitive spirit, leadership, teamwork, fairness, flexibility, skill development, and career opportunities.
Technology Enabled: The WholeServer’s goal is to create a significant competitive advantage. To that end, WholeService requires accurately and consistently communicating vast amounts of information and coordinating large volumes of transactions. To accomplish this task quickly and efficiently, we believe in embracing technology and using it to our customers’ advantage.
Performance Focused: We understand that shareholders make possible the investments required to be a world-class WholeServer. Our responsibility is to provide those shareholders with exceptional long-term results. The shareholder’s values are reflected in our mission statement, and we will extend our WholeServer Pride to our shareholders by conducting business with the highest judgment and integrity.
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