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The marketplace is ever-changing, and meeting your customers needs can be a challenge.  As technology and innovation improve products almost daily, it is imperative that your technicians are familiar with these changes and are fluent in today’s best practices. No doubt, it is a lot of information to keep up with.  Fortunately for you, we can help with that.

Our team of world-class experts offer a wide array of training classes annually, ranging from commercial to residential HVAC and refrigeration classes, too.  We couple that with an award-winning technical team to ensure that your technicians always have the resources at their disposal when they need them the most.   

The Course Offerings You Need, The Credit Hours You Require

Knowledge is power. Each year, RSC offers dozens of hands-on training classes in both HVAC and Refrigeration in our well-equipped training labs in Valley View (Cleveland) and Columbus. Our courses range from 12-week semester-long programs to one-off classes covering individual topics. All of our skills classes qualify for State License, NATE Certification and CFAD Distributor Training Credit Hours unless noted, in addition to serving as an EPA Refrigerant Certification & NATE Training Testing Location. We also offer professional certifications through our affiliation with trusted partners like Carrier, Manitowoc and Copeland, ensuring your staff always have the guidance and product knowledge needed to serve your customers successfully. It is our highest priority that you have the resources and technical expertise available when you need it.

Upcoming Classes

The Fall 2024 Training Catalog will be released this summer!

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